With Sommer & Paul SObin

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Emergence (n.):

1. The process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.

2. The process of coming into being.

This one weekend a month, 5 month personal retreat will incorporate daily asana practice for all levels, dharma talks, health and wellness education, guided personal inquiry, along with with journaling and contemplative practice. The bedrock of this program is meditation. Meditation is a profound key to awakening to the essence of your True Self. Whether you are new to meditation or are a long time practitioner, this program is designed to ignite new insights and to offer practice skills that are powerful catalysts for awakening. If you’ve always longed to develop a sitting practice, or have had an on and off relationship with your meditation practice, this program is developed for you. For homework we ask that all participants commit to sitting daily for 20 min. throughout the duration of the program (optional reading will be given as well). This vow to deepen one’s dedication to practice is the fuel for great transformation. Get ready to be inspired, to step into living the life you’ve always longed for, to dig into deep patterns that have held you back, and to welcome a greater love and appreciation for the life you already have.

A PERSONAL invitation

Our question to you is: How pumped and hungry are you? We're ravenous! We can't wait to share the journey with you!

What is emerging in your life, in your heart, in your deepest longing to live a life of meaning and profound depth? What gifts are you here to offer the world at this time of great change? You are not here randomly or without great reason. The greatest secret is that at your core nothing in you is lacking, nothing in you is broken, nothing in you is not sacred. What if you were to live daily in this truth with all your being? How might your life and your relationships transform? How might the world transform if we all understood these truths?

Together we will create a space for the truth of freedom to emerge and to take root in our lives. On this great journey we must start by awakening the self from what is illusion and what is true. 

We must bring into alignment how we live, how we eat, how we care for ourselves, how we behave, how we perceive, and how we think. We must address how we hold our attention and what we’re inviting into our experiences. We must ask ourselves deep questions and question what has always been assumed. As we magnetize together in community and create space for this sacred wholeness to emerge we are doing the evolutionary work of awakening to the divine life that we already have access to and to a divine reality that is emerging forth in this world of great change. What emerges depends on getting in touch with our own inner being and each one’s willingness to sit deeply within one’s self.

Weekend content includes

Asana for All Levels to Open and Prepare for Sitting Practice

Deep Rest: Restorative Postures and Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) to Nurture the Nervous System and Activate the Unconscious Mind

Guided and Silent Meditation Periods that will Progress in Length Over Time

Instructive Concentration Practices to Build Mental Attention and Focus to Prepare for Meditation

Meditative Techniques to Directly Access and Rest in the Meditative Current

The Differences and Value of: Meditation, Contemplation, Prayer and Concentration Practices

Dharma Talks on Living an Awakened Life

Anatomy of the Breath

Breath-work for Preparing the Mind for Meditation

Deep Inquiry Contemplations and Journaling for Transforming Unhealthy Mental Habits

Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Thrive: Whole Food Nutrition, Cleansing and Nourishing Seasonal Practices, Daily Self-Care Routines, Daily Reflection Practices for Self and Collective Evolution


$250 per weekend (payment by check or Paypal only)

10:00AM-1:00PM and 2:30PM-5:00PM